Costume designer assistant

2018-12-04 ChangSha City . Hunan Province 10 Negotiable

Job Responsibilities

1. Cooperate with the designer to prepare all relevant design materials and sample accessories; 2. Cooperate with designers to track production progress 3. Cooperate with the designer to display the store and display the window; 4. Develop new extensions based on market sales, design, and combination of popular elements; 5. Market research.

Job requirements:Graduated in Fashion Design, University degree or above Familiar with the clothing industry, familiar with the clothing sales market, work diligently and diligently; familiar with commonly used design software, proficient in CAD, PHOTOSHOP operation, skilled use of common office software; need to have good communication and expression skills, strong team spirit; Strong compositional aesthetic ability 1000+ meal allowance during the internship period, two months of internship.

Denim Development Director

2018-12-04 Xiqiao , Nanhai District Foshan City, Guangdong Province 1 Negotiable

Job requirements

1.Textile engineering major is preferred, college degree or above;


2.More than 10 years experience in development and design of denim and textile accessories;

3.Familiar with the basic process of local textile market development, proficient in textile technology;


4.Strong pressure resistance, good sense of responsibility and professionalism; strong pioneering ability and enterprising spirit;

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